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Sharon Garlepp was born in Oxford, England, raised in Malaysia, educated in Australia, and now resides on the Main Line, PA with her husband and three children. As a child, she studied under a local artist and was encouraged by her parents to pursue a creative career. Instead, she completed a Bachelor of Commerce and worked for and Australian investment bank until she rediscovered her true calling in the arts.


Exhibiting primarily in the southeastern United States, Sharon's work lives in collections throughout the country and in private collections internationally. She is represented on the Main Line by venerable art curator Lauren Addis of LAA Art Collective and had her first solo show in August 2020.


Artist Statement:

Sharon draws great inspiration from the natural world, and delights in the movement of figurative, flora and fauna subject matter. The drawn composition captures the gestures and nuances of a moment in time, which are the details that bring thought, life and energy to her work.


Like French Impressionist Matisse said, “I want to make paintings so serenely beautiful that when one comes upon them, suddenly all problems subside”. Working with a variety of mediums, Sharon’s goal is to invoke contemplation and joy through her art; to create meaningful heirloom pieces that are cherished and can be passed on for generations to come.

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